Case Studies

Margaret Johnson of Tierra Santa Foreclosure

The sad story of a foreclosure that could have been prevented with a reverse mortgage.LEARN MORE

Dr. Bernie Goes 1st Class

A reverse mortgage can really make your dreams become a reality by unlocking the equity you have in your home with a reverse mortgage credit line. Just ask Dr. Bernie!LEARN MORE

Folded Arms

When discussing a reverse mortgage program with professional advisors, whether it’s a one on one talk or a group presentation, a person with folded arms is often a signal that he or she is not open to discussing the issue, but have already made up their mind. It takes just seven minutes for them to understand the benefits to their clients of a reverse mortgage.LEARN MORE

How your children benefit

If you’re the child of the sandwich generation, a reverse mortgage could be the answer to your parent’s debt issues. That was the case with Jan and her mother, Pat.LEARN MORE

Ignorance Could Cost Your Client

Many financial advisors are unfamiliar with the benefits that a reverse mortgage can provide to many of their clients. Unfortunately, that ignorance can result in their clients losing their homes to foreclosure as was the case with Larry, an estate planning attorney for 40 years.LEARN MORE

Right-Size Without Compromise®

Many people of retirement age are ready to downsize to a more manageable home, but don’t want to start over with a brand new mortgage. With a Reverse Mortgage for Purchase, right-sizing without compromising offers you the perfect plan. It turned out that way for Monica and Mark. LEARN MORE

Sharing Your Legacy

By utilizing the option of a reverse mortgage, you can share your legacy with your family while you’re alive to see them enjoy and benefit from your generosity. By unlocking the equity in their home, Kevin and Sharon were able to share some of their inheritance with their daughter. Read their story.LEARN MORE

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